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Ken Block is impressive. What I really want to know: How much money did doing this cost, and how does DC shoes see this as a marketing win. Had to be pricey.

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Recently I have grown increasingly frustrated with myself. I make year commitments to health, physical fitness, reading and so on, But at the end of the day I really can’t bring myself to do these things? Why?


I make plans to finish a 100 push up program, its 3 days a week and takes about 10 minutes a day, yet i can never make it past the first week. I like physical exercise, love riding my bike for an hour, but 10 minutes of pain and i’m out. Seriously—What is wrong with me.


So I sit here frustrated. I have always been driven. First job at 13. Paying for a car by 14. Moved out of state 100% on my own on my 18th birthday. Finished college with a full time job and a 3.5 GPA. Started a solid company at 21. So where did my drive go?


So it’s September 3rd. 2012. What is it i really want to do. While I have a massive list, I want to start with 3.

  1. finish 100 push up challenge.
  2. read 2 books a month (1 business related, and 1 personal development)
  3. take more time off from work (Like friday afternoons as a start)


So maybe I need a better plan of action and accountability to do these things.


Starting with the pushups.

  1. Find an accountability partner. Someone to check in with that I did them maybe?
  2. Set a plan. If i need 6 weeks to do the challenge. Set a due date. Check the timeline every 2 weeks.
  3. Set aside specific time to work on the task?

Reading more books is a similar action method I think.

  1. Accountability.
  2. Set a mesurable goal. Its still early in the month. I have plenty of time to pick 2 books and start reading now.
  3. Specific time to work on reading.

Working on more time off is harder.

It’s not like i have less work to do. If anything we are trying harder and harder to achieve more for factor1. Working not only on customer projects, but really trying to kill it on working ON factor1 with the same passion we give our customers.


BUT setting aside time to have a personal life if good. I generally wake up to factor1, eat, go to the office, work work work, home for dinner and playtime, then more factor1 till bed time.


Maybe this goal is a bit harder because its going to take better productivity in my day. How can I streamline my day to be the most productive. Shorter phone calls, focus on one task at a time, specific times to check email, etc.


So maybe I need action steps to create action steps. Starting this week, I want to start with the email issue. My email does not make noise when it comes in, but i still push the button every 10 minutes. So this week, I’m going to try hard to only check my mail once an hour. Not on a schedule, but no more than once per hour of “get mail’ button pushing. This is not to say i’m shutting it off, i still need to send, and work off of past emails. But no new email every time.


We’ll see how that goes as a baby step.


So here is to getting out of the slow lane and start pushing the gan on drive. Push it forward and shift some gears.

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I think it’s time i use this thing.

Renewed purpose.

I want to intentionally blog about life, work, art and fun. Maybe it’s a sweet video, some rad art. Maybe its a personal project, or how i made something rock at work.

Watch out for more posts. As always, i’ll probably have a new theme to spruce up this place.

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Ever want an image to flood the background of your site, and fill the screen at all times?

If you are okay with the possible skew of being stretched too tall or too wide, i have a solution for you!




Now the code is super easy.

Simply insert a img in your html, at the very top. Add a simple class=”bg”

body {
overflow: hidden;
.bg {
 width: 100%;
 position: absolute;
 top: 0;
 text-align: center;
 left: 0;
 z-index: 0;
 min-height: 100%;

And tada!

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It seems CSS grid templates are all the rage these days. 32 flavors and they all do the same thing for me.

They remind me of tables.

at factor1, we always design into a grid. Its a nice way to set balance, patterns and margins. We either use the 16 column (based on a 960 fixed) or something custom, like a 20 column (based on 1000px wide, but responsive).

Now most people who use grids sing the praises of the predictability, and ease. But throw a complex design their way, and you get row nesting.

Add a big 16 col wide row,

Now add in new smaller columns and divs within that row

Sounds a lot like tables.

Add a big table

Now add rows to house more tables and td cells within that row

It may start off saving you time, but I have yet to see anyone who is a rock star CSS developer use a grid, and save time. This may be a  slap in the face to some, but in my opinion, it seems like grid frame works replaced tables for layout, and not in a positive way.


If it works for you, great. Me, I’ll stick with my fluid css style and code stuff to fit the design, not the framework.

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Recently working on a site with some big fonts. Im talking 5 or 6 em (100px). But on an iphone4 they looked tiny.

Like so


Thats not cool.


Enter the text-size solition.


So in my CSSat the very bottom:

only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio : 2),
only screen and (min-device-pixel-ratio : 2) {
/* Styles */
body {-webkit-text-size-adjust:100%}
}/*end iphone4 and ipad3 */

Bam, all fixed!


Now the only real issue i am left with, is that this only fixes iphones and ‘the new’ ipads. I hear there are some android tablets with retina like displays, but dont run webkit. I know thats 0.05% of people, but still wonder how to fix those. Anyone?


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The state of over the air radio has to be dying. I personally hate listening to the radio.

I share office space with an insurance agent and their staff. They have a little radio in the corner set to a popular valley station. I swear it only plays commercials.

So informal study time. I noted on my whiteboard every time i walked by and it was actually playing a song. 5 days, and I walk through to the bathroom or lunch room 4 – 7 times per day. After 1 week, I have heard it playing music 5, yes 5 whole times.

I know thats a pretty random and not very scientific study, but it solidified my feelings that the radio is dead, and internet radio is king. I will gladly pay $36 a year for pandora and never hear an ad. Considering i listen to 30+ hours of music per week, thats a bargin.

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